Licentious Intentions: A Shipwreck (the dirty mick) Series, No.2

For four days I’ve embedded myself in a population that has only been previously viewed from the fringe. For four days I’ve received criticism constructively, honed communication skills for the workplace, and chit-chatted with Cathy about her agreeably precious Terrier pups. It’s taken half a life to become welcomed as a member among the indigenous … Continue reading “Licentious Intentions: A Shipwreck (the dirty mick) Series, No.2”

Licentious Intentions: A Shipwreck (the dirty mick) Series, No.1

I’m in between jobs is another way of saying I’m making attempts to infiltrate the gainfully employed. The older I get the harder it is to explain myself. My work history is creative. My taxes are non-existent. My travels: unique and frequent. My searchables are becoming an issue. Making shit up never use to be … Continue reading “Licentious Intentions: A Shipwreck (the dirty mick) Series, No.1”

Fashionably Undesirable

Worse than having nothing to say is too much to convey with no words. A leftover cadence goes write down the line of stunting my growth with these spurts. Their circular angles from platforms and pulpits are free to be purchased with angst, But my leaving the branch of an empty paper is a riddle … Continue reading “Fashionably Undesirable”

Edmo’s New Vagina

Edmo is getting a vagina But Kenny can’t go to church Edmo is getting a vagina (S)He’s probably getting it permed Edmo is getting a vagina While we can’t run any laps Edmo is getting a vagina (S)He’s scheduled for follow-up paps Edmo is getting a vagina It’s likely a brand new model Edmo is … Continue reading “Edmo’s New Vagina”

Keistering the Key to My Heart

I’ve been indicted on two counts of loving you Hunted for a bounty of my tender affection Be on the lookout for your art of seduction I’m jumpin’ bond on your love’s stipulations I’ve put restraints on all my temptations So I don’t repeat-offend with a kiss There’s no way I’m seeing parole this time … Continue reading “Keistering the Key to My Heart”

Forever My Way-Way

A Tribute to the GEO Group’s Warden Waymon Barry of Eagle Pass Oh Waymon, my berry My fruitful and bold Oh, how did I dear take a toll on your soul? Was it the corn dogs I doubled, the staff on my team The lounge for employees where I did things obscene The entropics I … Continue reading “Forever My Way-Way”

This Haiku Was Censored

The following offering of thanks for a surprise breakfast was censored from reaching the kitchen boss at Idaho Maximum Security Institution: Iced buns in tummies Paid for with a strange haiku Makes me want to stay 6-20-19 82431 My Stockholm Syndrome A product of your brownies Use me for backup 11-8-19 82431

I Am the Spaceship

Crossing the great expanse is a vessel built to explore the universe. Traversing at speeds that can’t be contained, shielded by the cloak of common man miscreant. As stars fuel and power the drives, sails of knowledge warp through space by interconnecting dimensions of time. A beacon or resonance hailing multiple states of simultaneous existence. … Continue reading “I Am the Spaceship”


Once upon a time, in a perfect valley of perfect trees, an ugly, clumsy creature crawled out from a cave to be under a perfectly shining sun. He saw the sun and wondered why it shined so bright. He saw the flowers and trees and wondered how they could be made to look so nice. … Continue reading “Brandelion”