Patrick Irving is inmate #82431 in an Idaho Department Of Corrections facility. You may know him as Shipwreck the Dirty Mick, Chip Van Wreck, Glenn “Hightop” Zamboni, Rando Mand or maybe someone else.

Patrick’s story starts with the original four parts of “The Book Of Irving #82431.” Additional info will be added over time. As you read the book, be aware that Patrick was transferred back to Idaho in March 2019 to a maximum security facility. The rationale behind the transfer has some big holes in it and begs the question if it was retaliation for speaking up about conditions in the Geo Group for-profit prison. That prison is a hastily converted County Jail in Eagle Pass TX on the Rio Grande and the Mexican border. You will be able to explore some of the grievances he filed as you read the book.

Patrick’s current mailing address can be found in the “Contact ” page.

The rest is his story, so I’ll let him tell it…

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