Friends At The Prison Library Project

The Prison Library Project 915-C W. Foothill Blvd., PMB 128 Claremont, CA 91711-3356 1-20-20 Dear PLP: The English/Spanish Dictionary of Health Related Terms was useful for understanding the concerns of others during my project. And I also pulled from it while writing The Congener Interludes, Op.1: Sonatina of Intrigue, No. 2. So thank you! You’re … Continue reading “Friends At The Prison Library Project”

Censorship Schmensorship

IDAHO DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION Inmate Concern Form Inmate: Irving 82431 Date: 1-21-20 To: Chief of Prisons Chad Page Cc: Mike — Keefe As you may or may not know, I’ve been doing communication with Idaho’s press and legislature, lately. But exercising my civic responsibilities the way that I do, well, that requires you to stop … Continue reading “Censorship Schmensorship”


1-18-20 Dear State Hospital South, It’s been a little over five years since I’ve cycled through your facility. Only thirty-four more and I shed the amalgam I wore when we met. Lately I’ve enjoyed writing people letters: Authors, advocates, legislators, the occasional stranger that wants to say hi. While I’m in a much better state … Continue reading “#BlackfootChallenge”

Friends at Poets & Writers

Poets & Writers 90 Broad Street, Suite 2100 New York, NY 10004 1-11-20 Dear Poets & Writers, I can’t be certain if I’ve said thanks already, so we risk the potential for redundance in letters. You gifted me a copy of Nov/Dec, which exposed me to network of active Creatives. I wrote everyone whose … Continue reading “Friends at Poets & Writers”

Friends at News Inside

Mr. Lawrence Bartley News Inside c/o The Marshall Project 156 West 56th Street, Suite 701 New York, NY 10019 1-11-20 Dear Mr. Bartley, Eli Hager’s article in Issue 2 of News Inside, about assuming civic responsibilities, inspired me. I’ve requested you view my materials, previously, but this one I think you’ll really enjoy. Please … Continue reading “Friends at News Inside”

The Science Of Irvings, No. 2

Previous: The Science Of Irvings, No. 1 Continued 12-07-19 07:49 Flute Concerto No.1 in G, KV 313: Adagio ma non troppo Hey Dad, Some description: As a random simplifier, I produce a current. I exist in a density cluster and am exposed to stressors relative to my environment. The stressors cause resistance, increasing my current, … Continue reading “The Science Of Irvings, No. 2”

The Science Of Irvings, No. 1

12-6-19 15:44 Hey Dad, Questions: Is thermodynamics considered a current? Doesn’t it have the properties of a current? And isn’t it safe to assume currents, in general, could provide an arc, pitch and gradient for systems of organization to naturally align on?: Biochemical (embryonic cellular fractals) and chemical (covalent bonds). Hypothesis: A cellular current tuned … Continue reading “The Science Of Irvings, No. 1”

Presenting to IDOC Office of Professional Standards — Please View: Potential Reader Assist Needed

12-07-19 Dear IDOC Office of Professional Standards: I have concerns I would like you to address regarding employee misconduct and a dereliction of duties. I’ve presented documents supporting my claims to several administrative outlets and exhausted all grievance options, with no offer of acknowledgement or concern. The reason I don’t present these complaints now is … Continue reading “Presenting to IDOC Office of Professional Standards — Please View: Potential Reader Assist Needed”

Friends At Left Bank Books — Books to Prisoners Project

Dear Left Bank Books, Thank you for the new round of books. I wasn’t expecting them, and was excited yesterday to see the delivery from you. I always laugh out lout at what you send me, because it’s all so fitting and inspirational for the Book of Irving Project. I hope you can take the … Continue reading “Friends At Left Bank Books — Books to Prisoners Project”

Blame Karl Friston

12-04-19 Dear Karl, Festive Greetings! This year’s uncontrolled Free Energy experiment has produced some inspiring results: From current isolation, I am experiencing an amplified perception of somatosensory stimulation, along with a verifiable level of heightened productivity. The density cluster created last year has transitioned into a more defined state, but still maintains fluidity. The majority … Continue reading “Blame Karl Friston”