(Well, sh#t…)

11-02-19 Dear Reader, It occurred to me while writing an upcoming dispatch that if I want to maintain this site’s authenticity, I have to provide some context for my prison activities that may otherwise be distorted when viewed strictly through public records. Recently, at the Idaho Maximum Security Institution that I was moved to following … Continue reading “(Well, sh#t…)”

IDOC Now Hiring: Alchemist Wizards Wanted

9-27-19 Dear Chad Page (Chief of Prisons): Morning reflections, pen in hand: I thought I’d drop you a line. We are in receipt of your memo at the Idaho Maximum Security Institution — the one about the brewing. All have agreed: the alcohol situation is out of control. We were moved that you would acknowledge … Continue reading “IDOC Now Hiring: Alchemist Wizards Wanted”

Re: GEO Group’s Warden Barry and His Not-So-Secret Shenanigans

8-31-19 Dear Chad Page (Chief of Idaho Prisons): Jack Fraser mentioned he spoke with you about a disciplinary issue and subsequent transfer from the Eagle Pass Correctional Facility — regarding me personally — in a memo dated 8-27-19, which carbon-copied you as a recipient. I understand the Idaho Department of Correction’s new position on why … Continue reading “Re: GEO Group’s Warden Barry and His Not-So-Secret Shenanigans”

Developing a Method of Civil Dissent

What have I done since March? Stuff, man. I’ve been doing stuff. The Mom and Pop funding I received from Mom and Pops has financed a total of nearly six hundred letters sent. Those previous efforts of mine have evolved, refined, continued. Newly minted is the Irving Method of Notification, created to provide prison officials, … Continue reading “Developing a Method of Civil Dissent”

Following My Retaliatory Transfer to Idaho

Followup to Retaliatory Transfer Back To Idaho My inmate property arrived with the most expensive items missing, as well as legal work that was in progress at Eagle Pass Correctional Facility. The property wasn’t compensated for following an exhaustion of the grievance process. The legal work was sent from EPCF a month after my transfer … Continue reading “Following My Retaliatory Transfer to Idaho”

Eagle Pass Correctional Facility Inmate Handbook

These are the rules, regulations and procedures concerning the operations of Eagle Pass Correctional Facility as they were provided to inmates. THat this handbook does not reflect the Classification, Grievance and Disciplinary procedures being used at the facility violates Texas Minimum Jail Standards § 283.1, §283.2 and §283.3 I encourage you to try and find … Continue reading “Eagle Pass Correctional Facility Inmate Handbook”

Violations Of Texas Minimum Jail Standards

Dear Viewer, Thank you for the time you are taking to view these materials. I am formally submitting the following complaints to the Texas Commission On Jail Standards and seeking interest in litigating through Texas state, Idaho state, and/or the 9th Circuit. I have included additional supporting materials for context. Check back for new additions … Continue reading “Violations Of Texas Minimum Jail Standards”

Dear Idaho,

A preface is necessary. I am a bad person. An arsonist. I have terrorized innocent people. Prisons were built for people like me. I deserve every minute of my sentence. I’m not seeking sympathy or lenient considerations. I would simply like to suggest taxpayers recognize the dichotomy I wish to bring to your attention. In … Continue reading “Dear Idaho,”

Retaliatory Transfer Back To Idaho

Having recently organized several concerns within the Idaho inmate population at Eagle Pass Correctional Facility on the Mexican border in Texas, I faced swift acts of retaliation by the Idaho Department of Corrections and employees of The Geo Group, Inc. On approximately February 22, 2019, I made multiple submissions of three formal complaints, with one … Continue reading “Retaliatory Transfer Back To Idaho”

The Battle For Dish Soap