Excessive Use of Tort


Dear Chief Page:

Recent tort claims sent to the State were returned “Not Deliverable As Addressed.” I submitted an “Access to Court” request asking to speak with the paralegal in an attempt to understand why. The paralegal refused my request while noting my problem with USPS has been addressed. Because it is my position that my problem using USPS, by way of IMSI’s Legal Resource Center, to access the courts most certainly was NOT addressed, I had to investigate this matter through other channels.

It’s with no pleasure I mention this stems from my property that was lost during my retaliatory transfer from Texas. Though an inordinate amount of documentation supporting my request for reimbursement was attached to my grievance, Mrs. Monte Hansen insisted I see Warden Yordy in Small Claims if I wish to collect my $133.77. While I don’t understand it, I’m happy to do it, and rack up the bill on the way.

Returning to the matter of the paralegal, I’ve decided to keep you posted during the course of my investigation and have attached some of the documents I’ll be journaling as a courtesy.

In friendship and incarceration,
Patrick Irving 82431
PO Box 51
Boise, ID 83707
Messaging available via JPay

The receipts…

Notice of Tort form filing

IDOC Greivance response – page 1

IDOC Grievance response – page 2

Returned mail – Office of Idaho Attorney General

Returned mail – Office of Idaho Secretary Of State

IMSI – Returned mail justification denial

Did the letters actually get mailed?

Investigation request – Idaho Attorney General

Investigation request – Idaho Secretary Of State

Investigation request – Idaho Governor


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