Welcome to my uncontrolled science project,!

This platform exists as a means for me to present my creative writing, represent inmate concerns and direct requests for legal assistance to materials supporting my claims. All of which together equal a personal plea for human interaction. For whatever reason you’ve arrived, I hope you enjoy this project and are able to make sense of the materials.

Please encourage others to use this model for presenting discourse from the Incarcerated — and other applicable populations, as well. What I do here can be mimicked freely on other platforms. A minimal amount of my father’s time gifts me a voice, helping make visible my efforts. I’ll continue to post updates that illustrate the benefits of our crude-but-working model.

If my eccentricities are something you’re willing to tolerate at the level of friend or mentor, I would appreciate nothing more than to hear from you. Your insight and feedback are immeasurable in value to my process of personal development.

Your deliberation is appreciated. May you enjoy a unique perspective.

Patrick Irving 82431
PO Box 51
Boise, ID 83707
Messaging available via JPay

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