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Dear Reader,

It occurred to me while writing an upcoming dispatch that if I want to maintain this site’s authenticity, I have to provide some context for my prison activities that may otherwise be distorted when viewed strictly through public records.

Recently, at the Idaho Maximum Security Institution that I was moved to following the retaliatory transfer previously addressed, 14 people from my 16-person walk were involved in violence over a ten-day period. I was one of them.

I have no incidents of fighting on my record prior to being housed at this facility. In fact, my first four years at lower-security facilities passed without any disciplinary issues at all. My participation in the recent offense has me committed to this facility for the next five years, barring any additional incidents extending my stay. And that’s a long time for shit not to happen here. So, let’s not get our hopes up.

I write this from the hole, on my way to AdSeg. While I pleaded guilty to the offense the way it was seen on video, I am disputing a separate accusation of affiliation that was made on the disciplinary report. This may be discussed more in the future, and with other individuals helping present similar issues regarding unfounded claims of Security Threat Group activity being made by Investigations at this and other IDOC facilities. If you are interested in helping other offenders present documentation or voice concerns about an issue they’ve experienced with Investigations, please contact me for further information.

Here is what my mom had to say about all this: “Thank you for the update from your end. I appreciate you letting the new guys know that your momma prays for them. It’s part of your story and it’s true, so stick with it! The part about how you’ve been labeled as an Aryan member in your file…that didn’t sit well when I saw it in writing. I know you’ve mentioned it in conversation with me, but seeing it in writing provoked a little warrior inside of me. We are a diverse family unit with Hispanic, Native American and Anglo members. And, we’ve hosted Vietnamese, African American, Indian, Rwandan and Congolese people in our home. You have always had such an open heart in regards to people of all ethnicities, not to mention people with special needs. It’s completely absurd if you have, in fact, been labeled as such. I made a lot of mistakes parenting, but I raised you boys to refrain from judging someone by the color of their skin — and it took!”

Sorry to disappoint.

Lovingly Embattled,
Patrick Irving 82431
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