Fashionably Undesirable

Worse than having nothing to say is too much to convey with no words.
A leftover cadence goes write down the line of stunting my growth with these spurts.
Their circular angles from platforms and pulpits are free to be purchased with angst,
But my leaving the branch of an empty paper is a riddle that’s rooted in vains.
This amateur prose is a boast I suppose of dichotomous-forming intent:
A rhyme intervention that’s mining a mind sure to be making no cents.
The most I can do is the least I distill while I’m drowning from drought in my fable.
I wish I could teach me to learn on my own when I’m willing all old and disabled.
I won’t accommodate critics who sell their dissuasions or make a heroic retreat.
Cuz my people enjoy these makeshift presentations I somehow have managed to feed.
Casting abstract is a mixture that sprouts multiples playing on words.
Orgasmic in act intermittent with tact and lavishly loved as a first.
This small progression is just an obsession from what I’ve been coming of late:
An article bastard that more or less flatters himself with a limerick make.
Politely obnoxious infecting subconscious I’m something like hoping a dream.
Or wishing a nightmare an unwanted dire of lively unsightly obscenes.
A choice not to choose might but chew on what’s rude and be smirking a bottle of grin,
Which I’m opined to love and in fact not above take a mend and then go it again!

Rando Mand Irving

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