Dear Friendly Stranger


Dear Stranger,

Your books have arrived. Ethics For Public Communication will be absorbed immediately, and as a much-needed compliment to the Generalization in Ethics that I recently checked out from the library.

This one also reaches me during a period of personal deliberation: I have responsibilities yet to be considered, likely to parties that have yet to be acknowledged. So I have to give a nod to your timing.

I’m also excited by The Moth Presents: Occasional Magic, though I can’t say I’m familiar with its origins. Reading the description and then opening up to some choice dialogue, it’s apparent you’ve extended me a heartfelt offering. I hope to soon reflect your influence in my actions and storytelling.

As I was given no information when handed the books, and have no way to know who you are, I hope you don’t mind my sharing our private moment: I’d just like to make sure that you have all my thanks.

Lovingly embattled,
Patrick Irving 82431

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