The Science Of Irvings, No. 2

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Continued 12-07-19 07:49

Flute Concerto No.1 in G, KV 313: Adagio ma non troppo

Hey Dad,

Some description: As a random simplifier, I produce a current. I exist in a density cluster and am exposed to stressors relative to my environment. The stressors cause resistance, increasing my current, and guiding its path to complete a circuit that will reduce entropy in the system I live in: My resistance causes friction, which creates the static charge that forces a circuit to shape (along the laws of organization). I can’t measure it as it shapes without better a technology, but we can assume my constantly resisting an existing current statically charges my neighbors, who exist in my system as observers exposed to similar environmental stressors in our shared environment. It’s also a safe to assume our sharing an environment allows us to imprint symmetric adaptations on one another, consciously and not. Meaning: My imprints will continue moving through whatever system they travel to next (Loop Quantum Gravity), evolving the gradient . As environmental stressors develop, they create a pitch, forming frequency. They right one(s) will trigger my static charge, arching it through the symmetrically latent states that I have inoculated other working systems with.

This current and circuit formation arises from density clusters by way of Relativity. Add Gauge Theory and Game Theory for Math. Double check with Physics.

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