Presenting to IDOC Office of Professional Standards — Please View: Potential Reader Assist Needed


Dear IDOC Office of Professional Standards:

I have concerns I would like you to address regarding employee misconduct and a dereliction of duties. I’ve presented documents supporting my claims to several administrative outlets and exhausted all grievance options, with no offer of acknowledgement or concern. The reason I don’t present these complaints now is because we’re told, as inmates, our options to voice concerns stop with the exhaustion of the grievance process. But what happens when employees accused of misconduct thwart the grievance process by investigating themselves?

If I am unable to present my concerns directly to you, I’ll understand. And I’ll request public assistance from taxpayers far and wide who are capable of bypassing the grievance system in the quest to hold government employees accountable for their actions.


Patrick Irving 82431
PO Box 51
Boise, ID 83707
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