Excessive Use Of Tort (Continued)


Dear Chief Page:

Thank you for being receptive to my issue regarding the tort. Your inquiry was certainly appreciated.

I wish to acknowledge Mr. Shedd for his effort to communicate the USPS issue and his attempt to resend the tort as noted — on or around 11-05-19. However, this very same tort (addressed as Legal Mail) was returned to me again, unsent, through institutional mail on 11-27-19, along with the denial of a request to copy grievances that had been placed in the Legal Box, the same way I’ve grown accustomed to these last eight months.

I should also point out that 11-27 is one day after your response was dated — the same response informing me the initial problem was fixed. And I’m now concerned where the tort was sitting for three weeks, if not with the USPS.

I can confirm the Secretary of State has acknowledged the handwritten copy of notice I sent using Institutional Mail — for the purpose of redundancy — the same day the IMSI Legal Center purportedly sent the original, complete with all documents supporting my claim. As I used the same address on both parcels, it is safe to assume the problem is not with me.

As always, I can’t help but mention how ridiculous it is that I must now file in Small Claims — while adding filing fees, labor efforts and unnecessary stress to Warden Yordy — in order to be compensated for what was an extremely well-documented and easily fixable issue. I am not beyond settling for the damage as it exists now, however, I won’t be holding my breath.

I would like to reinforce that your initial response to this matter was quite valued, and I hope someday to put this behind us. Because despite what others say, I happen to think you’re fantastic.

Holiday best!


Irving 82431

I forgot to include this piece of information in our last correspondence: The very form the Legal Resource Center provides for Notice of Tort clearly states: “Claims must be filled within 180 days…” Whoever told you there is no deadline provided you with false information. If they are providing that info to others, they are putting them at risk of missing their deadlines. I hope you’ll find this as unacceptable as I do. The Grievance # is IM 190000484. I will make additional documentation available shortly. Thank you for your concern.

Patrick Irving 82431
PO Box 51
Boise, ID 83707
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