Keistering the Key to My Heart

I’ve been indicted on two counts of loving you
Hunted for a bounty of my tender affection
Be on the lookout for your art of seduction
I’m jumpin’ bond on your love’s stipulations

I’ve put restraints on all my temptations
So I don’t repeat-offend with a kiss
There’s no way I’m seeing parole this time
No, not for this recidivist

I won’t judge you for lovin’ me
If you don’t mind my pleading the fifth
Your plea bargaining is just trickery
You’ve expunged all my favorite friendships

You introduced yourself as Miss Demeanor
But your exes all call you ha’bitch
Because the games that you play are felonies
I’ve seen your paperwork, you’ve got a snitch

I’m want to gas chamber your broken promises
And electric chair your puppy dog eyes
I’m gonna food strike all these emotions
And appeal to stay all of your lies

You’ve incited a riot in my deepest desires
It’s time I keister the key to my heart
This lethal injection of love’s gone wrong
I think I’ll become Christian now

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