Forever My Way-Way

A Tribute to the GEO Group’s Warden Waymon Barry of Eagle Pass

Oh Waymon, my berry
My fruitful and bold
Oh, how did I dear take a toll on your soul?

Was it the corn dogs I doubled, the staff on my team
The lounge for employees where I did things obscene
The entropics I preached and practiced all day
The Scientology group I petitioned to fake?

Oh please, you must, tell what could it be
The bookdrive I started or adseg TVs
Were you bothered I read or upset I write
Was there pain in your heart to lock up a white?

You still owe my pizza
You still owe my blankie
I caught you all naughty
And primed for a spanking

Forever deep in my heart
Of origin rings truth
Once a pain in my ass
Now expensive for you

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