Messaging Elon

Dear The Musk Foundation,

The word-missiles I launch are manufactured for $.55 each. A majority of the cost is for the delivery mechanism, USPS. My current targets are private prison operatives and the reasons they exist.

The missiles are crafted to direct influencers to a recent private prison experience I compiled using materials that were available to me while I was in solitary confinement. It is a thoughtful, introspective presentation of self that guides you through the fight for basic rights with the private prison company currently holding Idaho residents on the Mexican border. It is available free for download at

The Idaho Department of Correction has recently held these invitations to lawyers, press, advocates, religious organizations and lawmakers with the implication they are indeed weapons. Weapons directing agents of change to a presentation consisting largely of information that should already be available by way of The Idaho Public Records Act. This act of censorship has only helped my cause.

It is risky for me to seek funding in the amount of $110.00 for 200 launches. So, that is not what I’m doing at all. Wink, wink.

Lovingly embattled,
Patrick Irving 82431
PO Box 51
Boise, ID 83707

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