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Dear Governor Little,

I have taken the time to copy this memo from the Idaho Department of Correction’s Mr. Jack Fraser that concedes Contract Monitor Monte Hansen did, indeed, single me out for reclassification.

More concerning than staff retaliation on inmates is the Department’s failure to recognize it is now operating under the authority of both Idaho’s current Governor Brad Little and his acting Director of the IDOC, Josh Tewalt.

Moving forward, I propose ensuring all business being conducted by Idaho’s state departments is properly presented as under the purview of presently-governing officials.

A single moment of minimal effort is all that is required to confirm our respective departments are using appropriately updated letterheads. As Contract Monitor Tim Higgins has so gracefully pointed out, he is under no obligation to even acknowledge my concerns if they are presented with similar clerical errors. It is not unreasonable of me to possess expectations that equivalent standards be met by my state-paid captors.

Let us all hold each other accountable.

Best regards,
Patrick Irving 82431
Inmate Services

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