Dear Idaho,

A preface is necessary. I am a bad person. An arsonist. I have terrorized innocent people. Prisons were built for people like me. I deserve every minute of my sentence. I’m not seeking sympathy or lenient considerations. I would simply like to suggest taxpayers recognize the dichotomy I wish to bring to your attention.

In February 2018, the Idaho Department of Corrections made arrangements with a Florida-based private prison company to house a large group of inmates in Texas. The facility currently housing this group is less than two miles from the Mexican border. The Idaho taxpayer money that should be funneling back to our local economy through correctional employment is now being lost to remittance through channels convenient to Mexico.

In addition to the employing of a healthy amount of a Mexican border-living population, our Idaho families are also oblivious to the beating the United States Constitution is taking. The bills from the legal battles evolving at this facility will be attached to the taxes of their hard-earned dollars.

I deserve my sentence. Implementing it should not come with the unnecessary expenses used to maintain the integrity of the Constitution that serves to protect law-abiding Americans.

The documentation I can provide about this facility’s daily operations should be public. Much of it isn’t, violating the public records act my fellow Idahoans use to help audit such questionable arrangements. I have made materials shining light on this situation available on this site.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Patrick Irving 82431

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