Esoterica: Entry 8 (Will We Still Be America?)

Will we still need guns? We will. But not to protect the shorelines or relieve a government that’s beyond control…we’ll need them now to protect us from neighbors: People with guns who might need a roll. What will we do with the new sick and poor? Build bigger roofs, incarcerate them with the old: Our … Continue reading “Esoterica: Entry 8 (Will We Still Be America?)”

Esoterica: Entry 7 (Pen Pal Fails)

Pen Pal 1: I was moved while reading your materials. You’re brilliant. What was your writing process like? Me: Like needing to create a historical record that would later fit up someone’s ass. Real quick, let me teach you how to party like a time traveler. I’m going to build a robot! Remember what happened … Continue reading “Esoterica: Entry 7 (Pen Pal Fails)”

Esoterica: No. 6 (a dirty mick remix)

I’ve been a real asshole… …I know I can do better The first step is always to acknowledge the problem… …Only pussies are afraid to move in leaps and bounds It can be hard trying to balance my ego… …I tie mine to my balls and let them anchor it down I think I’m missing … Continue reading “Esoterica: No. 6 (a dirty mick remix)”

Esoterica: No. 5 (RENDiTiONs)

Present Day, Northernmost Territory “Wheeeewwie, that boy can dance!” “I know it. I know it. I didn’t know it when I got’im, but I’ll be damned if I don’t know it now.” “True what you say, he does that all day long?” “That’s right. Figure Waymon could’a mentioned it when he gave me his papers … Continue reading “Esoterica: No. 5 (RENDiTiONs)”

Esoterica: Entry 4 (Encounters)

I know you didn’t realize it, but that was My fabric softener: The least I could do was make a push for your affection. Your tidal eyes rolled with the waves of my Charmin’, Caught in the line of an Albertsons, State. Me: Small stain, dottin’ my cotton. She: Never should have been in 20 … Continue reading “Esoterica: Entry 4 (Encounters)”

Esoterica: Entry 3

I’ve got Too much gold on my head to stay unknown Anonymous travels I roll the way the wind blows Too many swab Trying to form a mutiny But they don’t understand They’re just the new fish in the sea and This ocean ain’t always blue to me So I take what I can get … Continue reading “Esoterica: Entry 3”

Esoterica: Entry 2 (Hong Kong Fight Music)

2: Rising up. Nguyen: Back on the street. Tuk: Did Mai time? Mai: Tuk, my Chan says– 2: Nguyen, the dis tense! Nguyen: Now? Chan: I’m back on my feed. Mai: Just a man and his– Chan: Will? Will: 2 survive? 2: So many… Mai: Times? Chan: It happens too fast. Tuk: You change? Mai: … Continue reading “Esoterica: Entry 2 (Hong Kong Fight Music)”

Esoterica: Entry 1

‘Projections of light, billion-years-past, untangle your relic, mechanical means.’ “If knowledge you seek, transmission’s intact, delivered the message from synergist beings.” ‘Abandoned the vessel, channelled the message, traveled the space not in between.’ “Awareness entangled existence is present, imprinted impression, use to redeem.” ‘Currently fielding static aligned, resistorless circuit, state undefined.’ “Stated emissive, submitted divine, … Continue reading “Esoterica: Entry 1”

Edmo’s New Vagina

Edmo is getting a vagina But Kenny can’t go to church Edmo is getting a vagina (S)He’s probably getting it permed Edmo is getting a vagina While we can’t run any laps Edmo is getting a vagina (S)He’s scheduled for follow-up paps Edmo is getting a vagina It’s likely a brand new model Edmo is … Continue reading “Edmo’s New Vagina”

Keistering the Key to My Heart

I’ve been indicted on two counts of loving you Hunted for a bounty of my tender affection Be on the lookout for your art of seduction I’m jumpin’ bond on your love’s stipulations I’ve put restraints on all my temptations So I don’t repeat-offend with a kiss There’s no way I’m seeing parole this time … Continue reading “Keistering the Key to My Heart”