Esoterica: Entry 4 (Encounters)

I know you didn’t realize it, but that was My fabric softener:
The least I could do was make a push for your affection.
Your tidal eyes rolled with the waves of my Charmin’,
Caught in the line of an Albertsons, State.

Me: Small stain, dottin’ my cotton.
She: Never should have been in 20 Items or Less.
If: I wasn’t off duty, I’d’ve put her away.
Social problems: Sadist. Spastic bowel. Libra.

Jealousy. Incompetence. Impotence. Rage.

i blew you a kiss
to tender the moment.
your pretty smile
couldn’t get enough.
she caught the beef
the jury found her guilty.
you catchin’ my drift?
no harm, no foul.

I couldn’t help but notice, her invading your space.
If it wasn’t for your halo, I’d’ve tasered her taint.

She got the spray

you secondaried

that’s called


I blame that on Him — and his mysterious ways.

An aged biddy’s expense,

the cost of your crush.

However did this catch

slip through your hands?

I didn’t even shit myself…but I could’ve if I wanted to.

We should Zack and Cody: Let me give you the sweet life.

Wouldn’t it be funny
If I saw you in traffic
And we were destined by fate
For me to tail you again?


the uniform

not currently active.

I was

let go

for tasering taints.

Life’s kind of an asshole. Let’s touch ours together.!!!,
The One That Got Away


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