Esoterica: Entry 3

I’ve got
Too much gold on my head to stay unknown
Anonymous travels
I roll the way the wind blows

Too many swab
Trying to form a mutiny
But they don’t understand
They’re just the new fish in the sea
This ocean ain’t always blue to me
So I take what I can get
It’s kind of soothing, see

My cast
Argh, the cats with the ill crafts
And yes we are the best
So don’t’ch’ya’ll feel bad

A port in the storm
It’s outta my norm
I’ve got a sinking ship
And I’m drinking some more
I’ve got a spliff in my hook
And I’m smokin’ a whore
I’ve got methods nonstop
I keep behind closed doors

I use to have a parrot
But he talked too much shit
So I clipped him at the wings
And I fed him to the fish

My history
Is one which will be read
I’m’a blast from the past

All hands on deck!
Man the cannons rip that flesh!
Got my steel caressed
I’m’a filet and molest!
Never what you’d expect
Out the shadows in the depths
Y’all will see my shine
When its gleemin’ out’ch’ya chest!

I’m’a keep on piratin’
Lootin’ with my cipher
Then I get to triflin’
Stay triumphant
I’m bad, sound the trumpets
The queen loves it
When her blouse becomes unbuttoned

Your crusty barnacles
Couldn’t touch my crossbones
Go lick a pig’s asshole
It’s sitting’ at your mom’s home
You present no obstacle
My defeat’s improbable
I battle psychological
Face it I’m unstoppable

I’ve got your whole platoon
That came to snatch my doubloons
Yeah, now they work for me
and me matey, Misery
And I don’t need a badge
To display my forte
Just don’t get me mad
That fuckin’ horseplay

I’ve had my foot in someone’s ass
Since way before the fourth grade
I’m a master of my craft
With my sails at half-mast

I’ve got no problems losing staff
To watch the cannons blast

So quick to react…
…Shiver me sack!

I’ll grab you by your braids and snap
When I brace for combat
I’m captain of this ship
And I ain’t taken’ no shit
I’ll have’em storm your vessel
With a flick of the wrist
While I’m sitting’ in my quarters
Kick in’ back a fifth

“Peg Leg Shenanigans”
— Shipwreck (the dirty mick)

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