Esoterica: Entry 2 (Hong Kong Fight Music)

2: Rising up.

Nguyen: Back on the street.

Tuk: Did Mai time?

Mai: Tuk, my Chan says–

2: Nguyen, the dis tense!

Nguyen: Now?

Chan: I’m back on my feed.

Mai: Just a man and his–

Chan: Will?

Will: 2 survive?

2: So many…

Mai: Times?

Chan: It happens too fast.

Tuk: You change?

Mai: You’re passion 4.

2: Glory!!!!

Will: Don;t lose your grip!

Mai: On the Dreams of the Pat!

Chan: You must fight!

2: Just!

Nguyen: 2, keep them alive! It’s–

Tuk: …The eye of the tiger

2: It’s the cream of fight!

Mai: Rising up!

2: To the challenge of our rival!

Will: …And the last known.

Chan: Survivor.

Mai: Stocks?

Tuk: His.

Nguyen: Prey in the night!

Tuk: And he’s watching us…

Chan: All through the eye!

Will: Of the tiger!

Nguyen: Face to. Face out.

Mai: In the heat?

Chan: Hang in tough.

Will: Staying hungry?

Chan: They stack the odds.

Mai: Till we take to the street.

Tuk: 4 we kill.

2: With the skill to survive!

Mai: It’s the eye of the tiger.

Tuk: It’s the cream of the fight.

Mai: Rising up, 2 — the challenge.

2: Of our rival!

Will: And the last!

Chan: Known survivors?

2: Talk.

Tuk: His prey.

Will: In the knight! And he’s watching…

Mai: Us all threw the aye.

Tuk. Of the tiger!

Nguyen: Rising up!

Chan: Straight to the top!

Mai: Have the guts, got the glory!

2: Nguyen?

Nguyen: The distance, now! I’m not going to stop!

2: Just a man.

Will: … And his Will!

Mai: 2, survive!

2: xoxoxo
Will: xoxoxo
Mai: xoxoxo
Tuk: xoxoxo
Chan: xoxoxo
Nguyen: xoxoxo


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