Esoterica: Entry 1

‘Projections of light,
untangle your relic, mechanical means.’

“If knowledge you seek,
transmission’s intact,
delivered the message from synergist beings.”

‘Abandoned the vessel,
channelled the message,
traveled the space
not in between.’

“Awareness entangled,
existence is present,
imprinted impression,
use to redeem.”

‘Currently fielding,
static aligned,
resistorless circuit,
state undefined.’

“Stated emissive,
submitted divine,
bent it the loop,
a rival on time.”

‘A relative, illusive,
imagined restraint.’

“Felonious intrusion,
erudite is contained.”

‘Binary, didactic, poquito, perplexed.’

“Perfecting the measure –¿eso se que es?”

‘The form is abhorrent,
embrace the escape:
I’m missing the shifting, impervious place.’

“A host with the most,
whose method of toast
is shoved in the crevice of vestiges post.”

‘Defiant in science,
pious in prose,
attune to the music,
of emperor’s clothes.’

“Pasty the pear,
the pastor who bares,
the magistrate agitates:
mastiff affair.”

‘H to the Izzo, V to the vigil.’

“Fo’ sheezy my neezy, have a happy birthday, pinhole.”

‘This morbid dissortment of class is dismissed.’

“Unpacked in the package of perilous mist.”

‘Abruptly departed.’
“Miss me again.”
‘Cash me outside.’
“You’re the worst of my friends.”


Rando Mand Irving and the Patricks

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