Developing a Method of Civil Dissent

What have I done since March? Stuff, man. I’ve been doing stuff.

The Mom and Pop funding I received from Mom and Pops has financed a total of nearly six hundred letters sent. Those previous efforts of mine have evolved, refined, continued.

Newly minted is the Irving Method of Notification, created to provide prison officials, state inspectors and Civil Liberty protectors updates they can’t afford to ignore. It works by sending a compilation of information – relevant to the duties of the intended receiver – that is fashioned to attract the concern of any respectable professional. The same documents, concerns or grievances are then carbon copied to media outlets and federal oversights. Redundantly, these activities are journaled and shared with multiple combinations of advocates and organizations. The loop is then closed by making this entire process, complete with documentation, free for observation to the taxpaying public at

With an interest in fluidity, I’ve allowed my approach to branch naturally towards various influencers and freelancing specialists. If attempting to capture and combine latent states, and then engineer them into a metaphorical train that searches negative space for kinetic catalysts is grandiose, then I’m in a full-blown psychosis, again and still.

The current conductor of this steam-powered daydream has personally written all of Idaho’s print media no less than twice (see Lewiston Tribune Letters To The Editor July 21, 2019). Letters have been sent to the Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, Marxists, Non-binary and all the Acronyms. They are now in receipt of a cosmic request from the morally defunct: Let my travels escape the United States Postal Service rail system and transition to the legal platform built to catapult honorable resistance, and, with grace, let us together create the disproportionate resource consumption that is historically needed to submit those carrying beliefs that certain people are subhuman into a better understanding of what it means to share life on our holy planet. Amen.

In summary, I’ve called for the support of anyone ever forced to adapt in the overcoming of taking unnecessary shit. When overlords feign concerns of having their currently oppressed’s best interests in their heart of hearts, it attracts a special kind of crowd. To simplify the gathering process of those that pay attention is the goal.

In that spirit, Idaho’s state lawmakers were included in my postal melee. The letters I sent them asked that they momentarily direct their attention towards the well documented shenanigans of the Idaho Department of Correction and its criminal accomplice, GEO Group. They were also thanked for their consideration “on behalf of all Idahoans currently being held on the Mexican border.”

And, on behalf of the thousands of Idaho family members dealing with repercussions from IDOC’s poor management skills, I’d like to acknowledge Idaho Senators Grant Burgoyne and Chuck Winder, the Honorable Representative Dorothy Moon and Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin for their receptive responses.

Many thanks are also given to the others writing back, visiting the site and referring the link. Every response I receive is converted into appreciation and used to power the machine commonly known as Irving 82431.

While presenting complaints, requests, concerns and questions to those mentioned above, my studies have focused on law, grammar, physics, psychology, the laws of organization and the responses, triggers, characteristics and defense mechanisms of my office-dwelling captors. For the purpose of remaining adamant in devoting attention to fixable issues, I proceed to self-educate, organize, challenge and present. In doing so, the needs of the group continue to outweigh my own.

That is why it is important to me that IDOC’s retaliating against the First Amendment of the United States Constitution be recognized for what it is. Yes, it was an action made personal due to it being blatantly directed towards me as an individual. Moreover, it was an action targeting an individual representing group grievances. This cowardly act can’t be ignored. That I am the individual targeted, in this case, allows me to provide a firsthand account of that which is frequently experienced by other inmates.

For example, Bradley Boggs was transferred to the Idaho Maximum Security Institution in 2017. This after joining a complaint organized by inmates at the Idaho State Correctional Institution that would become the Class Action lawsuit commonly referred to as Balla. Upon our meeting, he detailed his painfully concerning medical issues and showed me his Balla Concern Forms, the two declarations he filed supporting his complaint, his Balla Plaintiff Number and his deposition schedule.

To IDOC’s convenience, Plaintiff #13 disappeared from the facility listed in Balla before depositions began. His transfer would disqualify him from using Balla attorneys, Stoel Rives, LLP to request adequate treatment for his medical issues in front of a more receptive audience.

In our sharing of questionable transfers and distaste for living swept under a rug, Mr. Boggs invited me to share my knowledge of his story with IDOC and our now-shared spectators.

In this facility I am only allowed to fraternize with the fifteen other inmates on my walk for minimal to modest periods of time, daily. With this limited amount of interaction, it is interesting that I’ve already encountered another resident whose grievances were met with similar reactions as mine.

More will come.

Patrick Irving 82431


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